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Wishing all a most Spiritual and Joyous Holiday Season..........
Thank You Everyone,  for your continued Image Orders and Support; 2004 has been my most successful year to date,
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----"Dear Philip, just a note to let you know how  well the large format image file worked out.
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Here are just a few other of my New Clients Comments for this Quarter........
----"Hi Philip,
thanks so much for confirming etc. Greatly appreciated. Excellent service.
I've downloaded the pics. Thanks also for the bonus images. We'll be back.

I promise! cheers "-Julie Barnett Manager, Contracts & Licensing
John Wiley & Sons Australia. 08/23/04.

----Hi Philip,
You can go ahead and burn and ship the CD. Thanks again for all your help.
It was really great working with you!  Fast and convenient service! With best wishes,
Wibke Grutjen ... Washington DC Public Television
Production Associate WETA 2775 South Quincy Street Arlington, VA 22206  9/28/04
----thanks for the beautiful images.  i look forward to using them in my own personal work as well as my professional work..
 Your pictures are very special.-Catherine Rousseau-Modern Era Personal Growth Facilitation Milwaukee Wisconsin 53202 USA. 9/07/04.

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