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Thank you all for making the Last QUARTER in 2003 very successful; an increasing percentage of the orders came from repeat business.


Why are major publishers/educational institutions and photo purchasers from Japan to the UK utilizing anthroarcheart.org services?







Here are just a few more of the organizations ordering images during this time.


Oxford University Press-UK, Rhodes College Astronomical Society-Tennessee, National Geographic-EEC, Visual JAH-New Hampshire, Image Select International-UK, Daybreak Pacific-New Zealand, Black & Veatch-Philippines, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Facts on File Inc-New York……


For a more complete list of my continuing clients please see: http://www.anthroarcheart.org/awards.htm


Support the expansion of my educational and banner-free web site by enjoying and purchasing images of historical monuments from the world over.

95% of my expanding photography archive has never been published; there is a great possibility that the images you purchase for Royalty Free Use  have never been reproduced!


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-FTP SERVER- SAME DAY delivery is available by FTP Download!

-A new secure credit card processor via NOVA Information Systems NOW accepts ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS!


-New image categories are now available such as PEOPLE, NATURE and natural objects, with Mountains, Volcanoes, Parks, Flowers, Glaciers, Waterfalls, Lakes, Animals Fish, Birds and much more to come.

-Stonehenge 1971 has been added to the database!

-Angkor Wat, Cambodia- from a trip in 1966 HAS BEEN SCANNED and will be added in the next few months

-ANTHROARCHEART is in the process doubling its stock photo archive.

Magnificent images from major ancient American civilizations like the Aztec, Toltec, http://www.anthroarcheart.org/tblz201.htm  

Maya and Inca  http://www.anthroarcheart.org/tbli29.htm, HAVE BEEN SCANNED and will be published for the first time, as is a unique collection of sacred temple sites from the Indian sub-continent, Turkey and Australia.

The last three years of photography from my expeditions to prehistoric rock art sites throughout the American Southwest and Hawaii have yielded superb, alluring and evocative images.

These pictures of ancient pictographs and petroglyphs  HAVE BEEN SCANNED and will be published later this year.


- I look forward to your next order; and will Email you JPEG's of my research regarding your SPECIAL REQUESTS-


Sincerely, Philip Baird- Photographer/Director/