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This quarter I am proud to announce that the GLOBAL HERITAGE FUND (GHF), Vancouver BC has elected to use some of my images

 in their endeavor to preserve CULTURAL HERITAGE SITES around the world. Just a few of these ancient centers, all well represented on my site are:

Copan Mayan City, Honduras 
Calakmul, Mexico 
Monte Alban, Mexico 
Sayil, Mexico  
Yaxchila'n Archaeological Site, Mexico 
Mayan Center at Quirigua, Guatemala 

Chan Chan, Peru 
Chavin de Huantar, Peru 
Machu Picchu, Peru 
Ollantaytambo, Peru 
Pachacamac, Peru 

Khajuraho, India 
Agra Fort, India 
Ellora Caves, India 
Dwarka Dheesh Mandir Temple, India

Anuradhapura Sacred City, Sri Lanka 
Polonnaruwa Ancient City, Sri Lanka 
Sigiriya Ancient City, Sri Lanka

Borobudur, Indonesia 
Prambanan Temple, Indonesia 

Ayutthaya, Thailand 
Sukhothai, Thailand 

Bhaktapur, Nepal 

Taxila, Pakistan 

Roman Volubilis, Morocco 
Troy Archaeological Site, Turkey 
Catalhoyuk and Hattusha, Turkey (are being scanned and will be up later this year)

Tiwanaku (Tiahuanaco), Bolivia

Angkor Wat Cambodia- from a trip in 1966 is being scanned now and will be added by this winter, 2002.
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-New image categories are now available such as PEOPLE, NATURE and natural objects, with Mountains, Volcanoes, Parks, Flowers, Glaciers, Waterfalls, Lakes, Animals Fish, Birds and much more to come.

-Stonehenge 1971 has been added to the database!  

-Angkor Wat, Cambodia- from a trip in 1966 HAS BEEN SCANNED and will be added in the next few months.

-ANTHROARCHEART is in the process doubling its stock photo archive.

Magnificent images from major ancient American civilizations like the

Aztec, Toltec, Maya, and Inca HAVE BEEN SCANNED and will be published for the first time, as is a unique collection of sacred temple sites from the Indian sub-continent, Turkey and Australia.

The last three years of photography from my expeditions to prehistoric rock art sites throughout the  American Southwest  and Hawaii have yielded superb, alluring and evocative images.

These pictures of ancient  pictographs and petroglyphs are being scanned and will be published later this year.

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